Julia "Purple" Jackson

Ex-MI6 mechanical hacker and cryptologist.


Investigative (22)

High Society 1
Bureaucracy 1
Research 3
Languages 3
History 2
Negotiation 1
Cop Talk 1
Art History 1
Forgery 3
Photography 2
Cryptography 3
Notice 1
Streetwise 1
Tradecraft 1

General (70)

Network 15 + 2
Surveillance 4
Sense Trouble 4
Mechanics 8
Cover 10 + 4
Filch 8
Conceal 10 (MOS)
Digital Intrusion 4
Shooting 6
Infiltration 8
Shrink 8

Health 4 + 2
Stability 4 + 2

Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin)
Portuguese (Brazilian and European)


purple.jpeg Julia Jackson spent half a year in MI5, researching IRA activity, before she found herself bored. A transfer to MI6 revealed that the cryptologist was also a skilled linguist, and she thrived within the organization. Nicknamed ‘Purple’ after the Japanese cryptosystem (due to her affinity for Asian languages), she became useful despite a rather flat affect and some OCD problems.

After three years, Julia’s time with MI6 came to an end for reasons few seem to be aware of. She wasn’t disavowed but ended up in the murky “untethered” status, and most of her superiors are silent, either temporarily or permanently.

SAFETY: As it turned out, Julia Jackson was the half child of a rather influential member of the royal family who was given up for adoption. Later in her years, contact was made by one of her half-siblings concerning her lineage. As a result, she has access to a safehouse even MI6 and MI5 have no knowledge of, a private summer residence from a decade or so back. Purple stashed a few fresh laptops still in boxes along with some medium-output radio equipment, satellite hookup gear, and a few weapons.

SOLACE: Harrison “Treadstone” Muir, Julia’s ex-partner, makes it a point to hang around Germany at least half of any given month. The relationship between Muir and Jackson is complex enough that she doesn’t invite him back to her office-and-sleeping-quarters, but strong enough that it’s clear she considers it sometimes. If he drops in, as often as not, Purple will feign being unavailable. Yet, somehow, he always gets her messages and always shows up when she requests it.

SYMBOL: Julia’s talent for hiding things is remarkable, and while she would never reveal it, she has been carrying — for years — a photograph of her adoptive family. Their deaths in a plane crash occurred some three months before her exit from MI6, curiously enough. When she left the company, she spiraled into self-destructive behavior for a time. As is all too often the case, she found herself directionless after a half year of drinking and fucking her way through half the European Union, and the boredom led to contract work for hire.

Julia’s current whereabouts are officially unknown and unofficially well known. The hole-in-the-wall Berlin bar she’s staying at, Gustav’s Requiem, belongs to a Gustav who happens to be sailing the world. Gustav — years ago — had an issue with a blackmailer. Said blackmailer found all their contacts dried up within a week, and found their identity erased shortly thereafter. Now, of course Purple didn’t drop hints about the blackmailer’s contacts to their respective local intelligence agencies, and she wouldn’t in a million years have been the reason said blackmailer’s social security number was distributed to agents in the US as a burnable identity. Nope! For these things she never did, Gustav’s gratitude knows no bounds. Purple has been given free reign of the bar (maximum occupancy 40) and of the back rooms (where she kept her primary bugout stash for a few years, and still keeps gear.)

Julia "Purple" Jackson

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