Dharma Rose "Dirge" Giraud

Neohippie hacker, thief


MOS: Digital Intrusion

Health: 5/5
Stability: 5/5
Shooting: 8/8 (specialty: Glock 21 .45 ACP)
Athletics: 8/8
Digital Intrusion: 8/10
Preparedness: 8/8
Filch: 8/8
infiltration: 8/8
Medic: 8/8
Disguise: 2/2
Conceal: 2/2

Investigative Abilities
Cryptography 2
Accounting 0/1
Electronic Surveillance 2
Reassurance 1
Urban Survival 2
Data Recovery 1
Architecture 2
Notice 2
Streetwise 2
Forensic Pathology 1
Pharmacy 1
Archaeology 1
Languages 2
Occult Studies 1
Outdoor Survival 2
Tradecraft 1
Traffic Analysis 1
Diagnosis 0/1

Health 5
Stability 5


The neohippie movement was a web-based phenomenon, people who preached free information instead of free love and wore their ponchos ironically. But it did give rise to a few couples, and one of them gave rise to Dharma Rose. Her parents raised her on network security, kale chips, and the Dewey Decimal System. They were hipsters, but there’s nothing ironic about the mercenary hacker known to cyberspace as DIRGE.

DR’s Symbol is Old Blue, a much-patched knapsack that belonged to her father. He carried her in it when she was a baby, and there’ve been times when it held everything she owned. Her Solace is Geist, a frequent chatroom contact and fellow data liberator that she’s never met in person. Her Safety is the Bibliothèque nationale de France and the reference librarian Claude Robicheaux, who taught her how to hack and set her on the right path.

Her Drive is for transparency.

Dharma Rose "Dirge" Giraud

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