Carson "Hathcock" Thatcher

Gently-spoken, good at making people feel at ease, extra good at putting bullets through their skulls.



Astronomy 2
Criminology 2
E. Surveillance 1
Flirting 2
Human Terrain 2
Languages 1 (French, Romanian, ?)
Law 1
Mil. Science 2
Negotiation 3
Reassurance 2
Tradecraft 3
Urban Survival 3


Athletics 8
Infiltration 6
Hand-To-Hand 8
Health (4) 4
Cover (10) 4
Piloting 5 (single-engine planes, helicopters, drones/UAVs, ?, ?)
Preparedness 6
Sense Trouble 6
Shooting 10 ***MOS***
Stability (4) 3
Surveillance 4
Weapons 6


Carson Thatcher goes by the name Hathcock. Female snipers aren’t exactly common, even in this day and age, but they do exist, and some are reputed to be the best in the world. Carson Thatcher was a stargazing Iowa farm girl with sharp aim and high spatial/visual intelligence scores. She went to work for the military out of a sense of duty. After her tour in Afghanistan, she was approached on the transport plane back home by a CIA handler. A few months later, she went out for ‘another tour’, but in reality she joined a three-unit, two dozen person black ops team in South America, Operation ’Cleansing Rain". Bullet by bullet, they took down the upper ranks of the cartels, leaving a management vacuum that would — in theory — destabilize the entire drug production process in South America, and potentially end the war on drugs.

Hathcock was one of four snipers in the group, sometimes working alone, more frequently working as a pair in concert with a ground team. The rest of the team was mostly entry specialists and a mixed bag of demolitionists, hackers, and ex-DEA agents.

The hackers proved to be the weak link, in the final analysis. A team caught short was slaughtered save for their hacker, who was tortured and executed by the remaining cartel members. With that, they had the names of those in the black ops team got her name on a short list of ops to be ‘punished’, usually by having family members or loved ones tortured and executed.

Carson’s handler helped her fake her death, removing any reason to have her family killed. She accepted it as part of the job, but still thinks about going home someday even though she may not ever be able to. Europe’s criminal activity is generally less connected to the South American cartels, so she was placed there under a cover alias and put on medium-priority European operations, at least until the rest of the cartels are dismantled. Half a year or so ago, her handler advised her that moles in the company were on to her, and communications were cut for the time being. She was told by her handler to ‘survive as needed’, and that means unauthorized mercenary work until she’s told otherwise.

Carson’s specialty is wetwork. She’s most comfortable either behind a sniper scope or up close and personal with non-targets, and spent some time doing surveillance work as part of her assassinations. She has a disarming, subtle quality about her and knows how to use that to make people feel better or appeal to their vanity, which makes it easier for her to survive without having to rely on graft, theft, or brute force. Some of her colleagues would enlist her for ‘good cop’ work informally, but she’s got no actual experience handling interrogations. She is capable of hurting people, stealing, or conning — it’s just not what she’s good at.

Carson keeps a fragment of her uncle Burt’s burial flag. She knew she couldn’t keep the whole thing, but she wasn’t about to torch it all, even if that’s what her handler recommended. Sentimentality can be Carson’s key flaw, but that’s why she plays to other strengths — if she’s behind a sniper scope, there’s no attachment to the target. If she’s up close and personal, she keeps her empathy to herself and provides sympathy instead. She isn’t exactly proud of the work, but she’s proud of the intended results: More security for the United States of America.

Direct patriotism drives her, along with the knowledge — well, the hope — that someday her handler will give her a reactivation phrase and she’ll be working black ops again for her nation.

Carson "Hathcock" Thatcher

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