Aidan "Banshee" Callaghan

Former IRA wetworker


Health: 9/9
Stability: 7/7

General Abilities:
Athletics 8
Conceal 2
Cover 10
Driving 8/8
Explosive Devices 8 (MOS)
Filch 2
Hand to hand 4
Infiltration 2/2
Mechanics 2
Network 15
Preparedness 2
Sense Trouble 2/2
Shooting 8/8
Surveillance 2
Weapons 8 (w/ Special Weapons Training: TAR-21 Assault Rifle for another 6 pts)

Investigation abilities:
Streetwise 2
Tradecraft 2
Criminology 2
Bullshit Detector 2
Cop Talk 2
Interrogation 2
Intimidation 1/2
Chemistry 2
Urban Survival 2
Human Terrain 2
Military Science 2
Architecture 2


Aedan’s Symbol is a crucifix that belonged to his mentor in the IRA. His Solace is his sister, Aine (pronounced like Anya) Marie Callaghan, who operates a small network of food banks in northern Ireland. His Safety is the bunker in the Belfast hills that his IRA cell used as a refuge (all the others are dead, as far as Aedan knows).

Aedan Michael Callaghan is the second of three children. His older sister, Aine Marie Callaghan was born in 1961, and Aedan the next year. Giving birth to Aedan left his mother in ill health. However, the extended family nursed her back to health and in late 1969 she became pregnant again. In July of 1970 Aedan’s mother went into a difficult labor, just as British Army forces imposed martial law in the Falls Curfew— or, as the Callaghans and Irish nationalists referred to it, the Rape of the Lower Falls. On July 5th, 1970, Colm Scott Callaghan was born. His mother died two days later.

Aedan, already a devout, intelligent but antisocial delinquent at eight, blamed the British for his mother’s death. He began to hang around IRA meeting places, and then became an active member. At 12 he was building simple bombs, and pioneered the technique of using trucks as mobile mortar platforms to shell army bases. By the late 70s, as the IRA transitioned from a paramilitary structure to smaller, specialized ‘cells’, Aedan was coming into his own. Colm idolized his older brother and followed in his footsteps, though he focused on the political and ideological, rather than militant, aspects of Irish nationalism.

In 1983, Aedan became implicated in an attack on a police convoy. He was in hiding with the rest of his cell when British forces came to arrest him; only his siblings were present at the Callaghan family home when they arrived. When Colm attempted to protect his sister, the British security forces shot and killed him. The death of his brother broke the taproot of Aedan’s affiliation with the IRA and his Catholic faith. Over the next ten years he sublimated his grief in violence. His cell-mates in the IRA died, one by one, and after a chance meeting with Dirge, Aedan drifted into freelance work.

Aidan "Banshee" Callaghan

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