The Zalozhniy Quartet

The Story So Far

Or: Rutabagas

Our protagonists are a loose trio of freelance operatives of one sort or another: Dharma Rose “Dirge” Giraud; Julia “Purple” Jackson, and Aedan “Banshee” Callaghan. Dirge was backpacking through Berlin when she received a job offer via dead drop email from a Croatian fixer of her acquaintance named Georg Rudek. This offer was forwarded to her compatriots and the trio converged on the designated meeting site, a rented meeting room at the Dubrovnik Hilton.

Upon arrival, the trio found Rudek waiting for them with a laptop and a thumb drive. Their mission? To retrieve the contents of the laptop belonging to Canadian general Malcolm Lennart, and ensure the general himself did not retain any copies thereof, ideally without killing him; then bring the data to Sarajevo and pass it to a Serbian middleman named Anton Dedopovic. The pay would be 100,000 euros a piece, half immediately, half on delivery. The money was wired to their accounts from a mafiya-owned bank in Archangelsk, and the trio set about planning an approach. General Lennart was apparently in the bad habit of bringing his work home with him (against several security regulations), and although he keeps the laptop with him throughout, the home or transit between may offer the most promising opportunities for theft. Our heroes have located a possible hideyhole near his townhome and have identified security systems nearby which could be compromised for additional coverage. At close of session, all was ready for preliminary surveillance of the general’s day to day routine. But the clock is ticking…


malkav11 malkav11

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